Cart Page Widget


  1. Within your Shopify dashboard, navigate to the Themes section under Sales Channels then Online Store.
  2. Select the three dots next to Customise then Edit Code.
  3. Within your Shopify theme editor, navigate to: Sections > cart-template.liquid/ main-cart.liquid / main-cart-footer.liquid


Can't find your cart-template.liquid?

Search in Templates if you are unable to find it in Sections

  1. Locate where you would like to place the widget by searching “checkout” (Ctrl + F)


  1. The first highlighted “checkout” is where you’ll want to paste the widget. You can paste this below this line<:
<script defer src=""><script>


Enter your Merchant Number

Replace “PLACE_YOUR_MERCHANT_ID” with your Merchant Number

  1. Click save, then check your Cart Page to make sure the widget is in the correct section of your page.


Need help?

If you require any assistance with the placement or alignment of the widget, please reach out to us via the Integration Assistance Form