This endpoint is used to initiate a request that will send an invite to the customer to Login or Register with humm so that they can get a pre-approval code.

Method: Invite


x_merchant_idUnicode string10Merchant identifier as defined by humm
x_mobileUnicode string10Customer’s mobile number
x_purchase_amountint12Total purchase amount (in cents)
x_device_idUnicode string64Unique device identifier for the POS terminal
x_operator_idUnicode string64ID of POS/terminal operator
x_firmware_versionUnicode string64Current firmware version of POS device
tracking_data optionalAssociative arrayMax 1000000A map that can be populated with additional tracking/state information that will get passed back in the response
signatureHex string case-insensitive200Payload that is signed using HMAC-SHA256 using a device specific key


x_statusUnicode stringSuccess/Failure/Error
x_codeUnicode stringA code that maps to a specific reason
x_messageUnicode stringA string explaining the status/code above.
tracking_dataAssociative arrayEchoes tracking_data sent on the request
signatureHex string case-insensitivePayload that is signed using HMAC-SHA256 using a device specific key


The following describes dummy API requests that return a predictable response. Please contact [email protected] to get access to the test/dummy APIs.

Request -> x_purchase_amountResponse -> x_statusResponse -> x_code
## 01SuccessSINV01
## 30ErrorEVAL01
## 31ErrorEAUT01
any other valueErrorEISE01



"#" signifies an alphanumeric digit

Testing Assumptions To generate the signature, use a device-signing-key of "1234567890". A invalid signature will cause an ESIG01 Error.