To display a humm banner on your site, insert this script in the desired location

<script src=""></script>

This can be displayed on any of your pages and act as an informative image that will take the customer through to the humm Home Page to answer any questions they may have.


Need help?

If you require any assistance with displaying this widget, please let us know by filling out the Integration Assistance Form


Adding the widget would require you to go into your site theme, then perform:

  1. Locate the section of your themes where you would like to add the widget. Generally this could be on your home, product or cart pages, in either the header or footer sections of those pages.
  2. Whether you would like to place the widget in the header or footer of the page, locate exactly where in this section you would like to add the banner based on where you would like the widget to appear on your site..
  3. Paste the widget within the section of the page, then preview the page to see if the widget sits where you wish.