Order Statuses

For your humm orders, the order may go through the following statuses. These statuses are referencing different stages of the order

Processinghumm order has been approved and completed.
Pending Paymenthumm order has been approved and awaiting confirmation by the customer to process the payment.
FailedThe payment has been declined, failed or an error. First contact should be to our Customer Service Team by the customer to confirm if there has been a decline and anything we can do to rectify.
RefundedThis transaction has been refunded or partially refunded.
CancelledThe order was pending payment from the customer, but has exceeded the holding time and been moved into cancelled. The hold time for humm orders are determined by the “Hold Stock (minutes)” setting within your Inventory section in WooCommerce.


Still unsure?

Reach out to our Merchant Services Team at [email protected] to get more information of the status of your customers order status.