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Integrating humm from Wordpress Plugins Store

1. In the left-side menu, navigate to Plugins > Add New

2. In the search box at the top-right of the corner, search for Humm or HummGroup addPlugin.png

3. Click "Install now"

4. Once the plugin has installed, click "Activate"

5. If the plugin was installed before and once the new version is released, the notification shows to Click "update now"



1.In the left-side menu, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Humm and select "Manage"


2. Configure the Merchant ID and API Key fields with your credentials.
If you have not received your API key, please fill out the form located here.

3. Ensure Plugin is configured as example below with new version 3.1.1 WooHumm.png

Setting Value
Enabled Ticked
Test Mode Unticked
Merchant ID Your Merchant ID
API Key Your unique API Key, We have improved the security of the plugin by hiding the API key input field, reducing the risk of unauthorized access
Callback Type The default configuration for our RESTful API is V2, which uses modern industry standards and supports various authentication methods. V1 is our Legacy API Callback, which is an older version of the API that relies on callbacks for data retrieval and may not be as secure or efficient as V2
Check API Click the button to access our API ping service, which helps monitor and maintain the uptime of your web server with our API. With quick response times and no downtime, our service ensures that the Callback API remains up and running smoothly.
Enable Logging We have rebuilt the transaction logs, providing a more detailed and accurate record of all API interactions.
Hook on Product Page Widget showing position
Price and more widgets Activate on your preference
Pre-select Checkout Button Activate on your preference
Humm Top Banner Widget Activate on your preference
Elementor Page Builder For insert ShortCode in the Elementor Page builder
Humm Merchant Type 'Little things', 'Big things' or Both for widgets showing
Minimum Order Total 0 for no limit in AU. per order above Min limitation
Maximum Order Total 0 for no limit. per order under Max limitation and Widget showing under Maximum Amount
Enable Payment Status enable/disable a payment description/payment method showing in the order


1. Click order to refund from the orders list page, then Refund at the bottom.


2. Choose the items or set the amount you want to refund then click Refund via humm. Refund2.png


Does Plugin support PHP 8.1+ ,what is demo website?

The plugin can work well on all PHP versions,including PHP 8.1+,
in the wp-config.php, add define( 'WP_DEBUG', false ), so there are no any PHP 8+ warning and deprecaited messages showing on the live websites

PHP 8.0+ demo website
LT products and widgtes

What does different order status mean ?

Status Explanation
Processing Humm payment is successful and completed
Failed Humm payment is declined, failed and error, contact Humm if an enquire is required
Refunded refund or partial refund
Cancelled time limit reached. WooCommerce changes unpaid humm orders' status from Pending payment to transaction fee is charged on Humm's unprocessed orders, Hold stock (minutes) is a config in the Woocommerce->setting->product->inventory->Hold stock(minutes), Leave it blank to disable this function


How does the different widget work ?

Widget Type Action
LT and BT widgets Price Widget ticked, default
Cart Widget Cart Widget ticked
Checkout Widget Checkout Widget ticked
Variable product widget,LT and BT widgets Price Widget Advanced Settings and Use Dynamic Version of the Price Widget are ticked

How to manage product widget position on the different product page ?

Hook on product page binds showing position on the product page and Elementor Page Builder option is for inserting shortcode woocommerce_humm_elementor in the required postion in the specific page builder, reference the admin dashboard

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]