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Integrating on WooCommerce

Locate your humm Credentials

To integrate humm you will need your:

  • Merchant Number
  • API Key

Integrating humm

1 - Download the Humm WooCommerce plugin from Github.

2 - Navigate to the WordPress Admin page and on the left hand side click Plugins > Add New then click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page.


3 - Add the Humm .zip file downloaded earlier and install it to your WordPress website.

4 - Once installed, click the Activate Now button.


1 - From the Plugins page, find Humm then click Settings.


2 - Configure the Merchant ID and API Key fields with your credentials. If you have not received your API key please fill out the form located here.

3 - Ensure humm is configured as follows.

Setting Value
Enabled Ticked
Humm Region AU or NZ
Test Mode Unticked
Price Widget Ticked
Price Widget Advanced Settings Unticked
Pre-select Checkout Button Ticked
Pre-select Button Order 1
Top Banner Widget Ticked (AU Only)
Top Banner on FrontPage Only Ticked (AU only)
Merchant Type 'Little things', 'Big things' or Both.
Minimum Order Total 0 for no limit.
Maximum Order Total 0 for no limit.


1 - Click order to refund from orders list page, then Refund at bottom.


2 - Choose the items or set the amount you want to refund then click Refund via humm.