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Setup on Vend

To humm you will need your

  • Merchant ID
  • A POS Device Token for each Vend Device

Device Tokens can be generated in your humm Seller Portal

  1. Login to the humm Seller Portal

  2. Select POS Device Tokens from the left hand side menu

  3. Select Generate and provide the number of registers you have allocated in Vend

Setup Process

Add a payment type

Login to your Vend store. Go to Settings -> Payment Types -> Add Payment Type.

From the Add New Payment Type pop-up, select Other Payment Method


Configure humm Payment Type

On the Settings -> Payment Types screen, choose the humm Payment Type


Set the Gateway URL to:

Press the "Save Payment Type"


Pair a Register

Humm requires each Vend register to be paired with humm before it can transact against the humm POS endpoint.

In order to do this, you simply need to perform a test transaction from each Vend Register with-in your store.

You will be prompted for your:

  • Merchant ID
  • Device Token.

Your Merchant ID is provided in your Welcome Pack.

Device Tokens can be generated in the humm Seller Portal





Congratulations! Once a register is paired, your customers can now pay with humm