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Integrating Humm from Shopify App Store

Humm Shopify Payment is Generally Available in Australia market

2.Login to your Shopify Account and pick up your Store, then Click Add App, following below steps from 2 to step 5

Less 5 minutes and 5 steps to instant integrating Humm

2. Once you've logged in, click Connect for install App


Or Click Manage if you reinstall App


3. Information will appear on the page and click Install app


4. Shopify App installation page will appear.

All input information will be validated in the Shopify App otherwise throw errors

Name Input Explanation
Install Status Ensure to click right button to enable App
Merchant Domain Website Shopify URL, not editable
Merchant Number required, from Humm
API Key required, from Humm
Contact Email required,transaction error may send to this email box
Kind Sale
MaxOrderAmount Set the maximum order amount limit on HummGroup Checkout
MinOrderAmount Set the minimum order amount Limit on HummGroup Checkout
Payment Gateway * AU Merchant is production AU
Refund URL * AU Merchant is production AU
Widget URL * AU Merchant is production AU
Command button required to click every time when you leave the page


5.HummGroup Activiate Configuration Page appears

As a new security measure, Shopify may prompt you to log in to your Shopify account and select your store again in this step

Please make sure to click Activate HummGroup and finish all configuration 6.png

Then activated page appears below

6.Humm Payment in the Checkout after successful installation



Shopify App works for merchants in Australia market currently and all onboards merchants automatically update to App V2 from App V1
Payment App Version2 captures payment for orders automatically,this cannot be changed in your payment capture settings

How to fix the error below?
A: Please reinstall App, must click the update button and review Min/Max amount config.

How to reinstall the App?
A: unnecessarily uninstall App to reinstall App, just do it from the admin console
Settings-> Payments ->HummGroup->manage to reinstall App and do not refresh the browser during installation, only open one browser to install App

How to fix Humm payment missing on the checkout webpage?
A: you must click Activate it and ensure test mode is disabled on step 5

How to verify the integration working?
A: attempting to checkout with humm,if Humm payment is redirected to the humm login page, the integration is working. if HTTP code 401,400 or signature errors happen, then it indicates the merchant number or API key is invalid or their value is input wrong , reinstall App and input the correct values.

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