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Integrating on Magento 2

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Installation and Update

Before proceeding with the installation, please consider the following:
1. Backup your database
2. Enable maintenance mode by running the command: bin/magento maintenance:enable

Action Command
Installation To install, execute the following commands:
-Run: composer require hummgroup/module-hummgroup-payment-gateway:< version >
-Check the status of the Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway module: bin/magento module:status Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway
- Enable the Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway module: bin/magento module:enable Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway --clear-static-content
- Run the setup for the Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway module: bin/magento setup:upgrade
-Compile the DI (Dependency Injection) configuration: bin/magento setup:di:compile
-Verify the status of the Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway module:bin/magento module:status Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway
UpdateToNewVersion To update to a new version, you have two options:
-Update to the latest version: composer update hummgroup/module-hummgroup-payment-gateway
-Update to a specific version: composer require Hummgroup_HummgroupPaymentGateway ^x.x.x
After updating, execute the following commands:
-Run the setup upgrade command: bin/magento setup:upgrade --keep-generated
-Deploy static content: bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
-Clean the cache: bin/magento cache:clean

Note: Please refer to the composer commands provided on the Magento Marketplace for the installation and update of the Hummgroup Payment Gateway module.


1. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods.

2. Scroll down to Other payment methods and select Humm Payment Gateway

3. Enter your Merchant Number and API Key and select save config in the top right of the screen. 6.png

Payment Configuration
Enabled Ticked
Sort Order Specify the order in which the payment method should appear
Merchant ID Your Merchant ID from Humm
API Key Your unique API Key from Humm
API Timeout Set the value between 20 to 1440 minutes. The default timeout is 60 minutes.
is Testing? No
Checkout Title Displayed title during checkout
CallBack API V2 is the default option. Choose between Advanced and Security options
Email Customer Yes
Enable Logging Yes
Min Order Amount Set the minimum order amount limitation
Little Things Limit Set the limit to $2000 for AU
Hold Inventory Stock (minutes) Hold stock for Humm unpaid orders for a specified duration in minutes. When this time limit is reached, Humm unpaid orders with the status "pending" will be automatically cancelled. The time range for holding inventory stock is between 20 and 1440 minutes, with the default time set to 60 minutes.
Widgets Configuration
Product Widgets Banner, Dynamic price widgets, Dynamic CSS tag selector, and Customization JS package
Cart Widgets Marketing Banner Widgets, Tag Selector (CSS selector in which widgets are inserted)
Home Banner Customize the Marketing Banner according to your preferences or use default Banner


How does Plugin support new PHP 8.1+ and Magento 2.4.5 ?

The plugin supports PHP versions including 8.1+ and all Magento2 versions from 2.0.0 to 2.4.5
PHP 8.1+ demo website

LT products and widgtes
Cart widgtes

What does the different order status mean ?

In the admin console-> HUMM PAYMENT -> Humm Orders Status History,all order status changing details are showing

HummPayment Order Explanation
Completed Processing The Humm payment is successfully processed and completed.
Failed Cancelled The Humm payment is declined, failed, encountered an error, or the customer cancels the order. The order description will be set as "This order is cancelled by customer, Hummgroup, or Humm Payment."
N/A Cancelled The time limit for unpaid orders is reached. The order status is updated from Pending to Cancelled. No transaction fee is charged by Humm. The Hold Inventory is released. The order description will be set as "Cancelled by Hummgroup CornTab due to the configured Hold Inventory Stock (Minutes) limitation."
N/A Pending The Hold Inventory Stock (minutes) feature is disabled. This status indicates that no Humm payment, invoice, or shipments have been submitted, and the Hold Inventory is not released.

How does the different widget work ?
Different Widgets are configured on the Marketing Banner Widgets

Widget Type Action
Home Page Widgets Widgets showing on the home page
Product Widgets Widgets showing on the product page

Please contact [email protected] for any enquires and supports