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Integrating on Magento 2

Use the same instructions to upgrade the humm plugin to a newer release.

Locate your humm Credentials

To integrate humm you will need your

  • Merchant Number
  • API Key

Integrating humm using Composer

1. Add the humm repository, in Magento's root directory

    composer config repositories.shophumm git

2. Require the Humm Payment Gateway Module

    composer require humm/module-humm-payment-gateway:dev-master

3. Enable the module

    ./bin/magento module:enable Humm_HummPaymentGateway --clear-static-content

4. Update the database

    ./bin/magento setup:upgrade

5. Update the DI Compile

    ./bin/magento setup:di:compile

6. Option to run

    ./bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

7. Configure humm

Integrating humm Manually

1. Download the humm plugin zip from Github Github

2. Unzip it then copy all of folders into the MAGENTO_DIR/app/code/Humm/HummPaymentGateway directory on your web server.

If the code/Humm/HummPaymentGateway folder doesn't exist, then create it manually.

3. Run MAGENTO_DIR/bin/magento setup:upgrade to enable humm.

You should see Module 'Humm_HummPaymentGateway' in the output of the command.

Depending on your tech stack, you might have to use the php prefix (php MAGENTO_DIR/bin/magento setup:upgrade) when running the various magento commands.

4. Run bin/magento module:enable Humm_HummPaymentGateway

5. Flush Magento's Cache: Settings -> Cache Management -> Flush Magento Cache.

Alternatively, run MAGENTO_DIR/bin/magento cache:flush from command line.

6. DI compile: Run MAGENTO_DIR/bin/magento setup:di:compile

You may need to run MAGENTO_DIR/bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy. This is to avoid generated HTML referring to javascript/css that haven't been added to the list of compiled/minified assets which can break your store's front-end/admin panel.

  • Plugin log file is humm-payment.log for review if you have installation issues


1. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods.

2. Scroll down to Other payment methods and select Humm Payment Gateway

3. Enter your Merchant Number and API Key and select save config in the top right of the screen.

5.png 6.png 7.png

Varnish Cache

If your server utilises a Varnish cache it is important that you whitelist any URLs associated with the humm plugin.

This should at least include the following:

* YOUR_DOMAIN/HummPayments/payment/start/
* YOUR_DOMAIN/HummPayments/payment/cancel/
* YOUR_DOMAIN/HummPayments/payment/complete/

The Checkout API and Refund API endpoints should also be whitelisted.