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Test Transactions

The following instructions outline how to perform a test transaction with humm.

Test mode must be activated in the humm settings before proceeding.

Performing a Test Transaction

1 - Add a product to your cart and proceed to check out with humm.

  • The URL you redirect to should be

2 - Sign up for a test humm account.


  • Only test accounts will be able to sign in. Preexisting live accounts will not work.
  • Please ensure your mobile number is correct as you will need to receive a verification code. All other registration information used during signup may be dummy values.

If you can't sign up please contact

3 - Pay the first installment using a testing credit card


  • Use the credit card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 with any name and valid expiry date.

4 - Your transaction will be approved or declined and you will be redirected back to the web-store.


5 - Confirm that the transaction is showing up correctly in the sales records for your store.